Why Do You Get Headaches When Hungry?

The compulsion of our urban existence not only drives us to lead a hectic life, but also claims a toll on our health. This lifestyle, not only interferes into the usual meal patterns, but also leaves you tensed, sick and in pain. The worst part is, the pain is not in your stomach (like you have during digestive disorders), instead the excruciating pain persists in your head. We start getting Headaches when hungry as it is your body’s usual responses to starvation. It’s a signal of unhealthy eating practices that triggers abnormal activity in the hypothalamus, resulting in excessive pain in the head. Doctors say, the incidences of hunger-induced headaches can be controlled by planning meals and snacks at regular interval.

Causes of Headaches When Hungry

Remember, hunger headaches are not always the outcome of starvation or food deprivation. You can also get an attack, when you are full. It actually stems from disrupted food habits that tightens the muscle and lower your blood sugar levels. As soon as the blood sugar drops, the human body releases hormones to counterbalance the glucose deficit which can trigger a headache. In fact, the medication taken for headaches caused by hunger can also be a potential risk factor for rebounding or recurring headaches.

Diagnosis of Hunger Induced Headaches

When it comes to headache, the only symptom that defines all is the excruciating pain. However, some of the specific hunger headaches symptoms include pain or pressure on both sides of the head and gripping tightness in the forehead. Unlike the headaches caused by sun, hunger-induced pain usually originates in the back of the head, which further radiates in the temples and neck area. Along with the pain, the muscles of the shoulders, face and neck get tensed. When the hunger headache is triggered by low blood sugar, there are associated symptoms of sweating, fatigue, weakness, confusion and light-headedness.

Preventing Hunger Headaches

Though scientists have found a close link between hunger and headaches, it’s clear that there are effective remedies to deal with. Eating your meals and snacks at regular time can reduce the incidence of headache when hungry. In fact, you must strictly avoid skipping meals and follow a balanced diet regime that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Keep yourself hydrated and limit the consumption of sugar. Most of the bottled from beverages comes with added sugars and preservatives, which disrupt the blood sugar level of your body. Hence, the consumption of the bottled beverages should be controlled. Also, you can start eating several small meals a day (instead of larger meals thrice a day) to deal with frequent sessions of headaches when hungry. A proper diet will help in maintaining a healthy balance of your blood sugar levels and will provide relief from chronic muscle tension.

The Final Considerations

While there’s nothing much to worry about hunger induced headache, it’s true that frequent headaches can be clear sign of any serious health hazard. Immediately consult your physician, if the headache continues to persist even after taking pain medication. Sometimes the pain is too severe to wake you up. When the pain starts immediately after a head injury or is accompanied by fever, skin rashes, numbness, blurred vision, a stiff neck or an impaired speech, consult your physician at your earliest.