Gastronomic Delights for Soccer Fans: UEFA Champions League 2016

When the game is on, all you need is a cozy place and a big bowl of munchies. Isn’t it?  After all, the fun of football gets bigger with perfect food. And, with UEFA Champions League 2016 running at full swing, it’s certainly the time to feed the hungry horde in you with all the yummy delicacies, so that the cheers and shout-outs become an absolute fun.

So, when you are all set to plunge into the game, we present you a comfortable mix of new twists with time-honoured football meals.

  • Belgium vs. Italy- 14th June

At 12.30 in the night, you are definitely not hungry. But then its football and it’s incomplete without something to munch. And what would be more sizzling than a piping hot Margherita Pizza? The cheesy delicacy along with some potato frites will simply make your day.

  • Austria vs. Hungary- 14th June

9.30 pm is dinner time, stuffing your stomach will definitely make you feel sleepy by the half-time whistles. But for, steamy hot fried meats and chocolate cake will keep you wide-awake cheering for your favourite team in the UEFA Cup.

  • Portugal vs. Iceland- 15th June

That’s midnight and so our gastronomic guide has decided to keep it much less spicy. The Super Bowl recipe would include a fuming hot soup with stewed chicken and potato served with black and red chili pepper for taste. You can also munch some crisp nuts and snacks, if the soup feels bland and uninteresting.

  • Russia vs. Slovakia- 15th June

6.30 pm is the perfect time for evening snacks and what would be more interesting than a cup of fuming hot lemon tea with chicken samosas?  We Indians are foodies and everything here starts and ends over “Ek Cup Chai” (a cup of tea). And so be it even during UEFA 2016.

  • Romania vs. Switzerland- 15th June

The day gives you back-to-back interesting match and to keep your soul enlivened round the clock, treat yourself with some low calorie tasty foods.  At 9.30 pm, you can get a bowl of chicken wings, grilled sausages, potato wedges and nachos with cheese dip. Variety in choices of the dips will make the Football Festival a perfect gala time.

  • France vs. Albania- 16th June

Just because France has its wine made for every palate, nothing would be more interesting than watching the feats of France with a glassful of wine. From red wine to Sula, you can have anything to pamper those nerdy taste buds. What else do you need to enjoy such interesting group match of UEFA Europa?

  • England vs. Wales- 16th June

When in Rome, be like the Romans- goes the saying. We say it too. And that’s why, when it’s the match of England, chicken tikka fries, faggots, cheese balls, etc. should be there on your snacks list. At 6.30 pm in the evening what would be more interesting now?

  • Ukraine vs. Northern Ireland- 16th June

This time, we will go with a plate full of hot steamy momos, stuffed with boiled chicken and veggies. At 9.30 pm, it would serve you a perfect dinner and also gives you all the spirit to support your favorite team.

  • Germany vs. Poland- 16th June

Breads and soups are widely popular in both Poland and Germany. And in India too. At 12.30 in the midnight, you can simply share with your friends, a big bowl of soup with breads dipped in it.

  • Italy vs. Sweden- 17th June

Meatballs and vegetable soup will be the perfect evening snacks to enjoy the best moves of your favorite team. If you are too hungry, get yourself a yummy treat of a cheesy pizza.

  • Czech Republic vs. Croatia- 17th June

Croatians love Italian food and so do us. Hence, the evening (6.30 pm) of 17th June, let’s just simply celebrate in the name of Croatia with yummy delicacies like Pizzas, French fries, pasta and certainly some tasty wine.

  • Spain vs. Turkey- 18th June

At 12.30 am, when you will see Spain and Turkey giving each other a tough fight, a bite of the chocolate cake dipped in the chocolate sauce will certainly soothe your adrenaline rush.

  • Belgium vs. Republic of Ireland- 18th June

Potato pancakes make an awesome snack and certainly brings out the true flavor of Irish snacks. Obviously, it’s interesting to watch the match of Ireland with an Irish food on your table.

  • Iceland vs. Hungary- 18th June

Would you mind having a tasty wrap stuffed with chicken, veggies, onion and tomatoes on the match day? Well, that’s an Indian version of Hungarian delicacy Palacsinta.

  • Portugal vs. Austria- 19th June

If you are the one that longs for fried foods, chicken balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese are all for you. In the midnight, it will be enough for pampering the taste buds.

  • Switzerland vs. France- 20th June

Again a midnight’s match after an eventful week. Let’s just keep it a little light with the best of French wines. Wouldn’t it be extremely relaxing?

  • Slovakia vs. England- 21st June

If you have not taken your dinner at your usual time and are planning to wait for the match, let’s just enjoy it with fried potato pancakes and garlic bread. Both of them make an awesome combination with a glass of chilled beer.

  • Northern Ireland vs. Germany- 21st June

If you have a sweet tooth, you must have the fantasy for gulping your favourite chocolate cake at the wee hours of night. Well, let’s make your fantasy a truth, while watching the tough fight between Germany and Northern Ireland. We bet, you will love it too.

  • Croatia vs. Spain- 22nd June

A big fat Spanish omelette, is ideal to quench your gastronomic desire at 12.30 in the night. Beaten eggs, with fried onion and potato will simply soothe your taste buds without much hassle.

  • Sweden vs. Belgium- 23rd June

Well, it’s all about cakes, be it chocolate pastry or vanilla and strawberry pies. As the group matches end with this, our gastronomic guide decides to conclude it with lots of sweets, pies and cakes.

And before we finish…

Foods and Football is simply inseparable. So, let’s just keep it subtle and simple, yet irresistibly sumptuous, so that food porn gets you more excited during the UEFA 2016.