Fresh Fruit Juice – Why a Better Choice than Bottled Colas?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to the multinational cola giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola for adding fresh fruit juice to their fizzy drinks not only stirs up political controversies, but also indicates his noble take on raising the income base of the Indian  farmers. “Millions of people buy Pepsi and Coke. I have asked these companies if they can put five percent natural juice in their drinks…” said Mr. Modi while inaugurating a food park in Karnataka. According to the current statistics, a majority of the farm produces in India are thrown out due to the lack of potential buyers. On the other hand, the cola companies are making a big deal by adding artificial sugar in the soft drinks, which is actually claiming a toll on our health and well-being.

Given the instant availability and reasonable price, soft cold beverages have already found a secured place in our mind.  Grabbing a bottle of cold drink seems like the easiest way to beat the heat nowadays. While the cool beverage provides an instant cooling effect to your jittery body, the same beverage also upsets your liver, kidney and stomach.  Doctors say, frequently drinking cola actually strains your digestive system, thus leading to chronic health hazards. Studies have also linked soft beverages with stomach and liver cancer (due to the carbonated soda blended with artificial sugar).

From this perspective, Modi’s appeal to add fresh fruit juice in the bottled beverages of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola certainly carries a deep significance. Because fresh fruits will always have holistic health benefits, which is absent in the bottled beverages. Moreover, fruit juice also provides a cooling effect to your body during the hot and humid summer heat.

Let’s take a look at why a glass of fresh fruit juice is a better choice than bottled beverages and soft cola.

Fruit Juice provides you Instant Energy

Just because a bottle of carbonated cola gives your body a cooling effect, it doesn’t mean that the cold drink will also upheave your energy level.  Rather carbonated sugar of the beverage will drain all your energy out and makes you feel more tired and sometimes even bloated. On the other hand, fruits provide adequate nutrients, which are instantly absorbed by the body only to get converted into energy blocks promptly.

Fruit juice aids in weight loss

Doctors usually suggest a fruit diet to the obese people. Fruit juice contains soluble fibres, which are easily absorbed by the body, thus keeping no room for unused and excess of fats. Thus, fruits help you lose weight while working on improving your digestion, as well as immunity. On the other hand, artificial sugars can’t get absorbed by the body. So, they get accumulated in the cells and tend to produce excess fat, which actually makes you overweight.

Fruit Juice Detoxes your System

There’s a small protein compound glutathione in fresh fruit juice, which helps in the body’s detoxification.  It is composed of three important amino acids that cleanses your body from hazardous compounds like lead and pesticides.

Fruits Provide Necessary Antioxidants

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is rich in antioxidants and anticancer properties. Moreover, it contains ellagic acid, which is known to be an important anticancer compound. No doubt, consuming fruit juice on a daily basis will lower the risk of cancer and other severe health hazards.

Fresh Fruits Are Nutrient Rich

While a bottled beverage contains nothing but carbonated soda with artificial sugar, a glass of fresh fruit juice comes with an optimum measure of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavonoids and many more. The dietary fibres and the nutrients of the juice improve the intestinal ecology, thus leading to healthy bowel and improved digestion.

Fruit Juice Reduces Cravings

Having a glass of fruit juice in the morning will keep you full, instead of making you feel bloated. By doing this, you won’t feel hungry in the abrupt hours and can curb your craving for snacks and junks.  It also aids in weight loss and at the same time keeps you healthy and fit.

Fruits keep you Hydrated

Fresh fruit juice is the powerhouse of vitamin C, which keeps your skin hydrated round the clock. Moreover, it also reduces skin aging effect and fights away the blemishes on your face.

With so many benefits, fresh fruit juice offers a comprehensive impact to maintain a fit, fine and healthy body. Although, Prime Minister’s take on adding fresh fruits in the colas has a clear indication of the financial gains of the farmers, it’s  also true that such an  effort, if accomplished,  will have a  deep impact on the nation’s  health in India.