Food habits that make you sad (without you realizing!)

Food is happiness, but certain food habits can be even depressing. What do you turn to when you’re feeling sad and blue? Most people will tell you that the answer is Alcohol, Pizza and a Tub of Ice-cream. And we will agree. But did you know that these 3 foods are actually contributing to the sadness and doing nothing in reality to elevate your mood???!! Shocker, isn’t it?

Surely you’ve heard the adage – You are what you eat. So if you are depressed and sad, chances are that you have your diet to blame! We tell you why these ‘comfort foods’ you so love actually bring you no comfort; they only worsen the situation, without you realizing it.

  1. Ice-Cream

The first thing you want to do when you hit rock bottom is to bring out the ice-cream tub from the freezer and dig in with your big spoon. While you may feel slightly better for the next 10 minutes, truth is that foods containing high amounts of refined sugars cause a sugar rush that elevates your blood sugar levels temporarily, only to plummet in no time. The crash that comes afterwards leaves you a lot more depressed, fatigued and guilty. Sugar crash depletes the energy, causes sleep disorders and also disrupts the mood. And no, choosing a sugar-free variety of ice-cream will be no help, as artificial sweeteners are ever worse.

Your best bet: A piece of dark chocolate.

  1. Pizza

Your favorite ‘comfort’ food habits, Pizza comes with two problems – refined carbs and processed meats. Refined carbs are as bad as eating candy because they give you a temporary insulin boost, but soon leave you feeling tired, blue and irritated. And the processed meat toppings are full of saturated fats which also interfere with insulin levels, plunging you down into the dumps even faster.

Your best bet: A wheat crust pizza tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables.

  1. Alcohol

This one is ironic – we drink to drown our sorrows and feel happier, but alcohol is classified as a depressant. So in reality, alcohol suppresses the central nervous system to impair thought functions, understanding and mental clarity. Instead of making you feel high and happy, alcohol makes you a lot more susceptible to depression.

Your best bet: A tall tumbler of iced water or fresh fruit juice to refresh the mind

A balanced diet is the key to a healthy mind and body. If your life is full of stress and anxiety, do yourself a favour, and steer clear of foods that stress out your body further. Anything refined, processed, fried and spiked with alcohol is not good for you when you’re feeling blue. Instead, focus on your food habits like eating whole grains, fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables. While your choice of food may not eliminate the root cause behind your sadness, it will certainly give you the strength and energy to face the challenge head-on with increased stamina and a positive outlook.