Food Habits That Age You

The problems caused by unhealthy food habits are not only weight or energy related. They also accelerate your ageing. These sugary, refines, fatty and processed foods add pounds to your weight but subtract years from your life.The ageing process of your body is reflected by the way you eat. The quality of your bones or your skin or your tissues is all affected by your eating habits.

Here are few tips to help you age gracefully:

  1. Get rid of convenience food

Yes, they are simple to cook and easy to find but these food items to increase their shelf life, they are processed with partially hydrogenated oil that is a source of trans fat.  It causes chronic inflammation; the concept is very similar to rusting of iron. It slowly erodes your body from within.

How to fix this?

Pick more fresh foods instead of processed foods. Eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in salmon, flaxseeds, sesame seeds etc. These food habits will boost your brains and nourish your nervous system health.

  1. Say NO to sugar cravings

Excess sugar in your blood stream harms the protein in your body. Firstly and most importantly, sugar slows down your repair mechanism. It also makes your skin less elastic as it affects the collagen in your body. Sugar also leads to oxidative stress in your body; it leads to toxin build up and reduces the cellular energy. This further creates serious age-related problems like memory loss, loss of vision etc.

How to fix this?

The best option is completely removed refined and processed sugar from your diet but if you think that’s hard to do. Then, just cut back; pick honey or maple syrup or any natural sweeteners. Natural sugar is also not very good for your health but it is beneficial in reducing sugar load in your body. Leave out the sugar in your daily coffee or tea. Make sure you do not shift to artificial sugar.

  1. Don’t wait to eat until you are famished

A lot of us wait until we are famished to eat, which is not a very good habit. When our stomach is empty, it secretes ghrelin, which is also known as hunger hormone. And when we are full, ghrelin stops and opposite hormone called leptin is secreted. It takes about 20 minutes to happen when the chances of overeating are very high.  This makes our body switch from feast and famine mode if we go hungry for too long, our body will tend to store more calories for later.  This causes frequent blood sugar spikes, which can cause type II diabetes or metabolic syndromes.

How to fix this?

Don’t wait too long to eat. Tune your body into knowing the feeling of being moderately hungry. Eat a balanced mix of proteins, fats, and carbs. Keep a box of nuts or fruits handy so you don’t have to go hungry for a long time.

It is high time that you start eating healthy and make your food habits anti-aging secret. Stay healthy, stay young!


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