Are you fond of eggs?? Know if it is real or fake

Egg is good for health. It regulates the brain, nervous system and cardiovascular system. There was a conception that egg may increase bad cholesterol, but new modern eating says egg does not have a negative impact on cholesterol. By eating healthy eggs you may be able to prevent breast cancer, blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks. Inspite of this you may have healthy hair, nails etc. But the fake egg is very harmful for human beings.

Artificial eggs are dangerous for human being. Because it consist of different types of chemicals. There are compounds like Glucolactone, Benzoic acid, Calcium chloride, Cellulose, Alum, Amino acid, Coloring food, sodium alginate, and gelatin.

Our metabolism factor can be disordered by glucolactone amino acid and cellulose. Benzoic acid are harmful to brain nerve and may cause liver diseases even Calcium chloride can cause serious liver diseases.  Alum affects the ability of producing blood. Food colors are very bad for our health as it results to harm our liver. Blood pressure starts increasing by the sodium alginate and it may also cause heart attack. Your kidney can also be damaged by the gelatin, which is used to make the fake egg. Artificial egg has little or no nutrition at all.

The cost of fake egg is very low. People should be aware about this fake egg. There are some necessary steps by which you can identify the fake eggs than the real. The following tips are helpful to identify the fake eggs.

  1. Fake egg’s shell is little shinier.
  2. You will feel a roughness when you touch the fake egg
  3. Fake egg will make noise when you shake it.
  4. The real egg smell is like a meat. Fake egg has no smell
  5. Real egg sounds crispier than the fake egg when you slightly tap on it.
  6. Egg yolk and the egg white will melt together when you open it. And the yolk will spread all over the white portion without your touch because both of these are made up of the same materials.

Before you look for nutrition in egg make sure you are consuming real egg. As every doctor would advise an egg a day can keep you healthy and immune to certain diseases.