Fitness Myths You Can Stop Believing

The amount of message that we receive everyday as to what we should be doing for a healthy living- can really be overwhelming. However, it must be understood that all messages that circulates in the media are not true.
Like, there are 6 common fitness myths about doing work outs, and so here are the truths behind each of them.

If you perform exercise you can eat whatever you want: The truth is you just can’t out-exercise wrong and bad food choices. Enjoy eating diets rich in whole foods like dairy, vegetables, seeds, lean meat, fruits, spices and herbs and properly fuel your workouts. Aim for at least 80% whole foods and 20% junk in the beginning and then try to achieve 90%-10%.

You can spot train certain areas in yourself to reduce fat: Though you can certainly tone up specific body areas, but you just cannot remove fat selectively without surgery. We all typically think about reducing belly fat first when we want to decrease weight. But don’t go for the fitness myth that crunches burns belly fat. It can tone up your belly muscles but for immediate belly fat reduction, you definitely need medical surgical assistance.

The best exercises are those that make you feel sore afterwards: Walking up a sore can feel heroic, but certainly it is not always the sign of an effective workout. Cardio like power walking, cycling, swimming or even hiking may not make you feel sore, but nonetheless they are excellent exercises for your cardiovascular health.

Weight lifting makes women bulky: Men and women have different type of hormones, which eventually effects how we put on weight on ourselves. There are a lot of strong women, who does power lifting- but they are anything but bulky. The truth is lifting weight indeed makes any women remain in her happy shape.

No sweat no workout: Location such as indoor or outdoor, temperature, humidity- all these factors are responsible for sweating and not sweating during exercise. Sweating is not a reliable indicator of the intensity of your exercise. Instead use your oven perceived judgment to judge the intensity of your performance. Stay hydrated, and so always carry water-packs while doing workouts.

Sports drinks are the best way to stay hydrated after the workouts: Unless you are doing some strenuous exercise or performing intense workouts for more than an hour, in general a piece of fruit and mineral water is just fine. For more difficult workouts like sports, difficult hiking, long runs try having natural electrolyte based drinks along with a pinch of salt.

Now that I have busted and debunked the common fitness myths, trust you shall be able to focus on what is really important and concentrate on finding which form of exercise truly makes you feel great!