Fitness Mantra Inspired by Game of Thrones Season 6

While we are still unsure of Jon Snow’s destiny and his ability to win victory over the Throne of Seven Kingdoms- it’s certain that he is physically ready for it. Because, Dalton Woang, the celebrity trainer of the show has made all the preps to depict the exceptional prowess of Snow in an all new light in the Game of Throne Season 6. To get, Kit Harrington (Jon Snow) in the apt shape to sword-fight the White Walkers, even after wearing about 100 pounds of fur, the trainer has all his focus on compound exercises, most of which have actually imitated several on-set moves.

“We were doing a lot of full-body movements, rather than the typical isolation exercises” says Woang, while explaining his take on the smart workout moves used in the Season 6 of Game of Thrones. “It’s because”, Woang further added, “we wanted this season to be a true inspiration for the fitness freaks, though in a pretty smart way”.

Here’s what you must check out to give your fitness regime a perfect makeover as you watch the Game of Throne Season 6 shows.

Every time someone mentions the name of White Walkers

Given that the White Walkers are the central antagonist in the Game of Throne, Snow is always found to voice his rage against them. In his characteristic display of vehement wrath against the rivals, what we see is no different from typical “Weighted Push-up Rows”, a smart workout plan that’s an integral part of the on-set moves used in the show. To do the same moves like Harrington, get into a plank position while gripping a dumbbell in either hand. Now bend your elbows back and close to the body to lower your chest onto the floor. Then press your back up, keeping the elbows locked at the top to do this move.

When Tyrion Drinks

Every time Tyrion sips his drink in the Season 6 of Game of Throne, we are remind of building up enough strength like him. We found Tyrion doing exceptional moves of “Walking Towel Inchworm”. You can also get the steps right to stay fit like him. All you need is a simple towel as a prop. Place your body weight on a towel and then get into an arm prone plank position, while gripping the dumbbell behind you with your feet. Contract your abs and pull your knees up towards your chest using your low abs and now walk your hands out forward to return to the plank position.

The Times when Someone Gets Speared

Spearing scenes are indeed the awesome feats of Game of Thrones and those unmistakable “Burpees” have surely taken your breath away.  That’s a perfect dynamic move and the steps you need are squats, push-up, plank, jump-forward and explodes-up. Love it or hate it, the moves will surely tone up your arms and legs.

Entering the Brothel Scenes

Every time there’s a sneaking entry into the brothel (and almost every time Bran has a vision), splendid “Power Step up Lunges” simply left us awe-struck. After all, these power step up lunges (which are highly effective to bust your belly fat) are one of the special attractions of Game of Throne Season 6. Seems complex though, power up lunges are nothing but simple leg stretches. Start in a forward lunge on right leg, and rest your hands on the floor after balancing either side of the front foot. Deepen the stretch by forwarding the right elbow a little more. Keep your hips raised in order to straighten the right leg and stretch the hamstrings.

HBOGO Entering the Buffering Mode

Those unmistakable moves of “Plank Towel Crawl”, every time when HBOGo goes into buffering mode were simply splendid.  Looks funny though, the plank towels are great for building up your physical strength and overhead control.  Lie down in a plank position with a towel under feet. Glutes and cores should be braced and the spine should be perfectly aligned while doing this exercise. Now crawl 5 steps forward and 5 steps backward to achieve remarkably flat abs with a strong body.

When the Deadly Dragon Slaughters Someone

You can do a lot with your towel, depicts Game of Throne. Every time the dragon kills someone in the season 6, you get an awesome fitness move called “Towel Slide Lunge”. Start in a standing position and leave your left leg straight while bending the right knee down into a side lunge. Apply pressure with the help of right heel and smoothly shift it into a back lunge, sliding the left foot back behind you. Do the same with your left leg after you complete 5 moves with your right leg.

During the Decease of Main Characters

Even a death can be unrealistically creative, reveals the scenes of Game of Throne Season 6. Because every time a main character breathes his last, you get to know how effectively the body movements of the dying man depicts the most common exercise “Triceps Dips”. Yes!  Each of the death moves in the Season 6 shows extraordinary triceps dips. It’s a basic body weight exercise, where you simply need to position your hands wide apart on a secured bench or a chair. Now slide your butt in front of the bench with legs extended. Now straighten your arms keeping your body a little tilted with your elbows. Maintain tension on your triceps while keeping it off from your elbow joints.

Last Minute Tips:

Incorporate these easy moves from Game of Throne Season 6, on your daily workout regime. Believe it or not, you will lose your body fat even faster than daily machine exercises.