Let’s Find Some More Reasons to Laugh on the National Smile Power Day

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”  Rightly said the Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh. On this National Smile Power Day, let’s take a pledge for a hale and hearty laughter, so that every passing day brings us a better tomorrow.

It was just like another rough Monday morning that started with the irritating alarm clock. The more it buzzed, the more I felt clingy to my bed. But, I had to get up, no matter how much it ruined my mood and in a hurry, my usual Monday morning kicked off with disorderly chores in the house, followed by the annoying brawl with a driver who decided to roll into me. Thankfully, it didn’t damage my car, but it wrecked up my mood.

And, finally, when I managed to reach the office after an hour later from the usual time, I was greeted with a smiling face of the young boy at the pantry. Good Morning Madam! Says he. As he arrived with a cup of fuming hot coffee, the smile was there. I can’t help but smile back.  Suddenly, the day seemed not that bad.

Yes, there you are! There’s magic in every smile. It’s contagious and lifts your mood and others too.

On the National Smile Power Day, we present you some smile potions for you that’s surely going to make your “everyday” a “happy day”.

Smile Kills Anxiety

Smiling in stressful condition is not easy.  But trust me, there’s no better anti-depressant than smile. It energizes your mind, body and soul by releasing endorphin (the happy hormones) and that’s the reason, you can’t be anxious, angry or sad, while laughing. Obviously you feel less threatened from the stress causing bug. And, doctors say, people with smiling face has a lower heart rate than the ones with a neutral one.

Smiley Face Makes You Attractive

Would you love to travel with an annoyed colleague while returning from office? You already had a hectic day there and obviously you don’t want to carry your workplace woes after leaving the place.  True. Just wear a smile and it’s enough to keep you happy and attractive.

A Good Smile boosts your Mental Health

Shared laughter keeps troubles out of your head and it helps you forget judgement, doubts and criticisms and all that negative notions that bog you down. Smile detoxifies your psychic health and makes you more sociable and popular among the peers. Smile and allow yourself to see the happy side of your life. Life, after all, is not that serious.

Laughter Boosts Immunity

They say, a good mind is the gateway to a good health. And that’s what a smile does.  A hearty laugh relieves your physical and mental stress and keeps you relaxed for an extended period of time. It combats the stress hormones and build up immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, which naturally improve your resistance to disease. And you thought that there isn’t a pill for all your ills?

Smile Makes You Trustworthy and a Good Leader

Smile builds credibility. Say, you are in a new office and all your colleagues greeting you with a smiling face. Wouldn’t you feel a little comfortable dealing with them? It will help you make friends, whom you can trust. Even when you are in a position of power, a good smile becomes the key to your success. A smiling boss, being approachable is always popular among the teammates. No doubt, he makes a great leader too.

The Takeaway

Right they are who believe that smile is infectious. The roaring sound of laughter is more contagious than cold and sniffing and the more it spreads, the more it binds you with people around. It’s priceless and hence a powerful antidote to your everyday woes that hinders your happy life. So, keep smiling on the national Smile Power Day because there’s magic in it.