Eye Twitching? Says a Lot About Your Health

May be the twitching and tics on the eyelids are pretty common. You might also have experienced spasms around the eyes, but most of the time it has lasted for few seconds. Most of such eye twitches come and go, but then there are times, when the twitches last for a week, or even a month. You experience extended eyelid spasms and that’s the time you should seek medical advice at the earliest.

According to the experts, eye twitching is not an ailment in itself. Instead, it’s a condition that’s triggered by any other underlying disease. So, here we have shared some of the possible causes that trigger eyelid spasms and prolonged twitches.

You are stressed- Eyelid twitches is highly indicative about the suppressed stress in your body. A twitching eye is also a sure-fire sign of your strained eyes, which is probably the result of prolonged stare at the computers, low lights and over exposure to sunlight. Yoga, breathing exercises and having a relaxed time with your friends and family members can be effective in reducing your eye’s stress.

You are insomniac – When eye twitching is associated with occasional headaches and dizziness, it’s an indication of poor or interrupted sleep. It can also trigger other stress related symptoms. Get a good sleep for few days and if the twitching does not disappear by that time, visit your doctor.

You are caffeine addicted- Your too much addiction to coffee is actually killing your sleep. It disrupts your sleeping patterns and causes eyelid spasms which may last for few weeks. Try cutting back on tea, coffee, chocolate and soft drinks (or switch to decaffeinated versions) for a week or two and see if your eye twitching disappears. Otherwise, visit your doctor.

You are suffering from malnutrition- Lack of certain nutritional substances, like magnesium, sodium and potassium can trigger eyelid spasms. It can also happen, if you are used to skip meals or start a strong diet all of a sudden. Don’t rely on over-the counter nutritional products. Talk to your doctor, if you feel that you are suffering from nutritional deficiency.

You have allergies- Sometimes, eye allergies are also responsible for causing spasms in the eyelids. Swelling and watery eyes come as an associated symptom. In such cases, eyes are often rubbed to relieve the itching, but rubbing eyes actually release histamine, which eventually causes your eyelids twitch.

And finally, keep in mind that eyelid spasms can also be a cause of dry eyes. So, before you take any steps, keep in mind that your eyelid spasms may not be that serious. May be it’s an outcome of prolonged stress. But if the symptoms continue to persist, visit your doctor.