Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms and Myths

Don’t let Erectile Dysfunction get you down… No matter how serious is the cause, there are always remedies.

Over the past few years there have been an increasing number of studies and surveys conducted on the causes, symptoms and remedies of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  The reports say that 1 in 10 men across the world suffers from  this  annoying health issue, the effect of which can be terrible on his health, social life and relationships. Studies reveal that a considerable numbers of men, who were diagnosed with chronic Erectile Dysfunction are in their 30s.

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms

The inability to get (or sustain) an erection has emerged as a common problem these days.  With the growing stress of urban existence, men may experience this difficulty, but in most cases it does not last longer. However, if the following symptoms are persistent, consider a clinical check-up.

  • Persisting troubles about getting erections and other associated sexual problems, including premature or delayed ejaculation
  • Reduced sexual desire for an extended period of time
  • Troubles keeping an erection as desired

Erectile Dysfunction as a Disease: Myths and Facts

Penile erection involves everything including brain, nerves, hormones, blood vessels and also your emotions. So, problems in any of these factors can result in Erectile Dysfunction. In fact, several clinical studies have pointed out that ED is the common upshot of increasing psychological woes. Depression, anxiety and excessive stress often play a key role in causing ED in healthy people. While the physical disorders like diabetes and heart disease come next in propagating this disease.

Hence, it’s important to dispel the common myths associated with Erectile Dysfunction, before you turn on the “Anxiety” switch.

Myth 1- As You Get Old, You Develop ED

Contrary to the common belief, Erectile Dysfunction or ED is definitely not a part of your aging process.  Instead it’s a disease, and so the underlying causes should be diagnosed. Usually, it is triggered by cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. Sometimes, the causes of ED can be entirely psychological. Men in their 30s can also be affected by this ailment.

Myth 2- ED Happens Because You Are No More Attracted To Your Partner

Don’t fall for the idea that Erectile Dysfunction is triggered by your apathy towards your partner.  Erection is a physical function and your feelings for your partner have nothing to do with it.  Feelings of anger, stress, and anxiety can reduce your libido, but won’t impair it.  See a doctor, if you are facing a persisting problem with your erection over a length of time.

Myth 3- Tight Underwear Impairs Erection

Well, No! A tight underwear certainly does not give you a diminished libido.  The sartorial style does not harm your sexual urge.  The actual reason for dysfunction may have been caused by the strained nerves in your organ, which is pretty common in diabetic and high blood pressure patients. Donning sleek underthings won’t have any serious side effect on your libido.

Myth 4- You Are Out Of Options, If You Can’t Pop Pills

When we talk about erectile dysfunction remedies, many treatment options other than medication and surgery come up. Popping a pill might not help in the long run, specially, if your disease is psychological. Sometimes doctors avoid giving pills to people who are already on medications for chest pain and diabetes. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, penile vacuum devices and penile implants are also considered as reasonable alternatives to pills.

Myth 5- Men with Erectile Dysfunction Do Not Have Sexual Desire

The weakened erection does not mean that the person does not have sexual desire. In fact, sexual desire is hormonal and a biological need and ED is in no way related to that. It may result from the fear of having an intercourse. Many people unnecessarily keep on fretting that they won’t be able to have an erection for emotional issues.  However, ED does not directly impact sexual desire.

Myth 6- Herbal Supplements Can Cure ED, No Doctor Is Required

The usage of herbal supplement as a remedy for erectile dysfunction is not backed by scientific studies. Moreover, herbal supplements are not supported by the FDA and can be dangerous for other underlying medical conditions.

Fact: Erectile Dysfunction or ED is more of a Personal Problem than a Disease

Erectile Dysfunction leads to anxiety and depression, which affects your self-esteem and also your quality of life.  But the more you evade it, more it will become a disease.  Keeping it as your little secret won’t solve the problem, rather, it will upset your life to the core. ED should be viewed as a problem, may be a symptom of an underlying disease and efforts should be made to treat it as soon as possible. Dispel the myths surrounding it, so that you can get better treatment to enjoy a king size sex life.