DIY Remedies For Treating Eczema At Home

Scratching the itchy skin is not always a comfortable feeling. At times, the persistent scratch brings out the most unbearable discomfort, especially in people suffering from acute eczema. Eczema is a generic term used to define a skin condition that makes your skin inflamed and discolored. Clinically, this skin disorder is often defined as dermatitis (which means inflamed or swelled up skin) among the various types of eczema, atopic eczema is the most common one. This is triggered either by heredity factors or by the allergens. There’s no cure for this disease, but you can actually control it symptomatically.

So, here we share several DIY methods that will be helpful in treating eczema and its long term effects.

Coconut oil

Dry and dull skin are one of the main triggers of eczema and itchiness. Moisturizing your skin with coconut oil often gives you the best result and that too within the shortest possible time. The oil soothes your skin and fills the intercellular space that’s otherwise opened up due to irritable scratch. The opened up pores cause you to lose the moisture of your skin and thus makes it dry. The fat and lipid content of coconut oil seems to prevent your skin from excessive drying.

Shea Butter

It’s one of the most widely used DIY remedy for itchy skin and for treating eczema. The painful patches of the skin affected by eczema gets a fantastic healing ingredient from Shea butter. Whether you apply it directly or use it with coconut and jojoba oil, positive results will be visible within a week or two. Shea butter comes with non-saponifiable fatty acids, namely stearic and oleic, which heals the dullness of the skin, repair it and finally soften the skin by reducing inflammation.

Vegetable Glycerine

Sometimes the oil and butter do not work on acute dermatitis, instead they cause several other skin infections. In this case, vegetable glycerine is the ideal option. Just mix it with water and regular glycerine and apply it on the inflamed skin. It will restore the moisture of your skin and will also prevent it from the recurrent infection.

Take an Oatmeal Bath

This is highly effective in treating the inflamed skin of people affected with eczema. Soak oatmeal for an entire night and the very next morning apply it on your skin. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of oatmeal relieves discomfort within a short span of time and gives you noticeable results following regular application for a week. It moisturizes your skin and relieves the itchiness almost immediately after application

Chamoline Tea

Chamoline tea is widely known for its skin benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamoline tea (abisabolol or levomenol) relieves itchiness and redness caused by over scratching of any particular area. Moreover, chamoline tea comes with anti-microbial properties which prevents any further development of infection.


Honey, being the nature’s own moisturiser, it helps in healing a dry and dull skin almost naturally. From soothing your itchy skin to reducing the inflammation, honey is effective in doing all these. Simply massage pure honey mixed with water twice or thrice a day to get quick and easy relief from irritating eczema.

The Takeaway

Treating eczema or any other skin disorders with DIY mixes are always helpful as they come without the risk of any side effects. But, keep in mind that no homemade remedies offer an overnight solution. Unlike the chemically activated OTC drugs, homemade products offer long term benefits and also prevent the recurrence of the symptoms in the future. So, follow the home care regime as long as you do not get any positive results.