Decoding Scary Pregnancy Dreams

Are bad dreams during pregnancy keeping you up at night? Pregnancy is a scary, thrilling and emotional time, and our dreams reflect all the thoughts and fears we go through but may not always express.Certain pregnancy dreams have a repetitive pattern. Why are you experiencing these? Chances are – your dreams are a reflection of your state of mind. So let’s find out what’s fueling these fantasies.

Do you dream of your teeth falling out?

This frequent nightmare isn’t reserved for pregnant women, but it might rear its head now because there are many parts of carrying and birthing a baby that seem out of your control. It merely indicates a loss of power, as you feel a hint of helplessness in face of this new life growing inside of you.

Do you have graphic sex dreams?

Sex dreams become pretty persistent in the second trimester due to hormones. Also, your hubby’s cologne no longer makes you want to throw up! The influx of hormones leaves most women feeling frisky, and now that the first-trimester woes have disappeared, it’s time to embrace that new, curvy body and bring some of those fantasies to life!

Do you dream of losing the baby?

This dream signifies that you feel wholly and solely responsible for the baby. With that come all sorts of waking life fears that continue to play out in our dreams, and this one is only preparing you for the responsibility that comes with a baby.

Do you dream of breastfeeding an animal?

Scary as some pregnancy dreams are, this one is the worst! It stems from the ‘unknown’ of motherhood. Your anxiety about becoming a mother is taking you into the terrifying world of what-ifs, exploring that seemingly vast array of possibilities with the subconscious mind.

Do you dream of falling through ice?

This dream is again not restricted to pregnant women, but is rather common amongst them. It usually means a loss of security, as your pregnancy hormones make you feel more vulnerable and uncertain. Your life is about to go through this big change and that scares you. Don’t be scared….we assure you that there will be plenty of good to outweigh any bad when it comes to parenthood.

Do you dream of getting into fights?

If you’re managing to stay calm and keep your cool through the waking day, chances are that all the pain and discomfort you’re actually in is manifesting itself in your pregnancy dreams. Strong pregnancy hormones, an achy back, and feeling uncomfortable are cause enough to make you an angry, emotional mess. These dreams let us blow off steam and safely express our anger in our heads at night.

Do you dream of death?

Scary as it may seem, this dream personifies that you are letting go of the ‘old’ you and transitioning into a new person. Your subconscious mind is trying to help you let go of our old self, so you can more readily embrace our new life as mom.