Dark Skin Around the Neck is Not a Disease

Have you ever noticed that dark skin around the neck of your child?Probably you have noticed, but did not take a mindful note, considering it simply an outcome of poor hygiene.But the dark neck is most likely a serious syndrome rather than a mere skin pigmentation disorder.The disease is clinically termed as Acanthosis nigricans that’s found in children with diabetic or prediabetic conditions. Diabetic adults can also face the same kind of skin disorder in the initial phase. However, for the kids, dark neck is a warning sign of diabetic or similar conditions.

Causes of Acanthosis nigricans

The disease is usually caused by the increasing level of insulin in the bloodstream.But, there are some other triggers as well. Various studies have indicated obesity and polycystic ovary as the reasons behind the dark neck, but the exact cause is still unknown.  While genetics can’t be directly linked with this disease, it’s seen that people with a family history of obesity are more likely to suffer from dark neck.

Symptoms ofAcanthosis nigricans

The disease does not cause a multitude of symptoms.The only sign of Acanthosis nigricans is dark, thick velvety patches of skin increases and folds. Usually they appear in the areas like neck, armpits, groin, palms, knuckles, elbow, soles and sometimes lips.There might be a mild itching in the affected area.

How to Remove Dark Skin on Neck

Talking about the remedies for dark neck treatment, most of the doctors have said that there’s no specific treatment options available for removing the dark spots. Usually they disappear as soon as the underlying medical condition is treated.However, the darknesscan be reduced a little if you start following a skin care regime on a regular basis.

Applying Camphorated Oil

Regular application of camphorated oil will bring better circulation to the splotches on your skin.This might take an extended period of time to work, but it will successfully remove the black patch over a period of time. While treating your medical condition, also apply camphorated oil on the dark skin around neck to get rid of the black patches.

Applying Neem Oil

Neem, being an Ayurvedic antiseptic is known to have a beneficial effect on your skin. Regular usage of neem oil will not only fade away the black splotches, but will also clean various other skin blemishes along with Acanthosis nigricans.

Balanced Diet and Exercise

A balanced and healthy diet is also essential for treating the symptoms of dark skin around neck.Alongside, an exercise regimen is also important. Diet and exercise will help you get into shape (obesity being the primary risk of diabetes). So, make sure you get proper diet and exercise to stay fit, fine and healthy.

The Takeaway

Acanthosis nigricans or dark neck is more of a symptom than a disease in itself. Hence, it’s important to diagnose the medical condition, if you face this kind of skin pigmentation disorder.This is pretty common in children, but adults can also face similar symptoms. So, don’t just waste time, do visit a doctor for a proper treatment plan, so that you get rid of the disease at the earliest.