Daily Habits to Detox Your Body

Have you ever thought what makes the healthy people so “healthy”? Well, it’s their habits; the daily practices that detox their body. Cutting back the gut irritants not only saves your system from severe damages, but also promotes the overall well-being of your health. Keeping the liver (the body’s natural filter) toxin free also boosts your immunity. But, it’s important to know the right detoxification techniques, else the system will be messed up. So, here we are talking about some effective cleansing moves that you can do on the regular basis. And yes, we ensure that the detox is not about just fasting.

The Lemon Magic as the Day Starts

There’s nothing like starting your day with a glass of warm water and a fresh lemon squeezed into it. Lemon water serves your body plenty of hydrating electrolyte in the form of magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals. Since our body get dehydrated during the overnight detoxification, the very first thing to do as you wake up is to hydrate and replenish your body. When you are adding fresh lemon juice with water, it helps the liver to produce digestive enzyme that improves digestion. It also helps liver to purge toxins in the process. Moreover, lemon juice being a powerful antioxidant can also deal with infection causing free radicals and thus strengthens your immunity.

Get Some Twists and Turns

A proper digestion and elimination are the key aspects of detox process. With the appropriate yoga poses, you can stimulate these two physiological functions. Keep in mind that digestive issues finally transformed into chronic stress, which further discomforts your body in many different ways. So, keep yourself far away from the digestive disorders first of all to fight away body toxins. And nothing other than apt exercise moves can offer you a lasting solution. Taking deep calming breaths, can also help relax your muscle and soothe your Gastro Intestinal ( GI) tract.

Brushing and Scrubbing Your Body

So, you are wondering how brushing your body will help detoxifying it. Use a soft bristled brush on your skin for a consecutive several days to detoxify your skin. Brushing your skin will have two-fold benefits. In the first place, it will remove dry and dead cells and debris, unclog pores and thus offers your skin enough breathing space. The process will purge out toxins through skin and at the same time, it also stimulates blood circulation underneath your skin. The purpose is to revitalize your skin as boost your immunity.

Sip Tea Regularly

By tea, here we mean herbal tea. Tea contains milk thistle and dandelion, the elements which reduce toxin formation inside the body. Various scientific studies have claimed that milk thistle is a beneficial herb that enhances liver function, and thus protects it from the potential dangers of cell damage and stimulates the repairing process of liver tissue. The milk thistle also protects the cell walls and stimulate enzymes that effortlessly blocks the free radicals from attacking liver cells. The best part is herbal teas also curb appetite and rev up metabolism, thus making sure you have a healthy body.

Bank on Broccoli

Consumption of broccoli on a regular basis will reduce chronic inflammation ( the key trigger of cancer, heart disease and diabetes). Broccoli is loaded with sulphur as well as other nutrients and antioxidants, which gives your body enough ability to deal with toxins. Research says that women that eats cruciferous vegetables runs the lower risk of the diseases that are usually caused by inflammation.

Last but not the least, you simply can’t put a veto on your eating habits. The most you can do is build up a habit to consume healthy foods that could actually reduce the toxin formation inside your body.