7 Cold Hand And Feet Causes That Spark Alarm

Are you an individual who develops cold hand and feet in winters? Do you fret hard about its causes? Pretty common in the frigid months, most sufferers often complain of the health risks posed by this health hazard. Cold hand and feet especially during the winter is a result of our body’s way of surviving the sudden slump of temperature. According to the doctors, when the thermometer level drops, the physiological functions of your body try to keep you warm from inside, so that the vital organs don’t get affected by cold. There could be many cold hand and feet causes that can affect an individual’s blood circulation and pose a larger life risk.

Cold hand and feet causes that can affect you

There are a variety of causes for cold hands and feet, before you visit a dermatologist, identify the signs and symptoms for a potentially troubling health problem. Having cold feet and hands can be a physiological function that aims at keeping your core body parts at balanced temperature. But here are the pressing reasons why you should stay concerned:

  1. One of the common disorders which lead you to a cold hand got its roots in Anemia. This is a disorder that is caused by the lack of availability of red blood cells. A complete lack of red blood cells impedes the process of building hemoglobin in the body and results in the physical discomfort in the patient.
  2. Diabetes mellitus is also a disorder that causes high blood sugar. This ailment is often seen in middle aged adults who also suffer from cold hands and feet.
  3. Another common of the cold hand and feet causes in frostbite in mountainous and hilly terrain. Mountain climbing may be adventurous, but it is a common reason for this condition.
  4. Buerger’s disease is also a reason why many develop this acute condition. This ailment leads to the inflammation and restriction of blood flow in blood vessels.
  5. Hypothyroidism is an endocrine disease that either boosts or restricts the thyroid hormone.
  6. Scleroderma is also a disease that results in the over production of the body protein collagen. This damages the body and causes spasms in hand and feet.
  7. Finally cold hand and feet causes can also be acute such as those seen in Raynaud’s disease. This is a debilitating disease that can attack your body in an intense and recurring fashion.

What a cold hand got to do with risks?

Usually, extremely cold hands and sometimes feet indicate a risk of cardiovascular disease, but, the condition worsens if you are a smoker, suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. If you have any of these diseases, cold hands and feet can be a result of blockages in the small blood vessels. Medications and diet rich with Omega 3 fatty acid can be helpful in countering this, see your doctor at the earliest. Get a thorough health check-up, in case you are suspecting any serious symptom.

 How to avoid regular freezing of hands and feet?

To get rid of such problems, you can practice some warm up exercises. Exercises will increase your flexibility and at the same time will help you keep warm. You can also try drinking hot beverages especially during extreme cold to increase your body temperature.