4 causes of chapped lips won’t heal with lip balm but can make it worse

If you are an outdoor person, winter can bring with it a series of skin problems. Chapped lips won’t heal so easily with lip balm and can actually make the problem worse! There are people, who experience chapped lips symptoms round the year. Even in the summer months, when the scorching heat exhausts you to the core, dried lips continue to be the most exasperating beauty issue. You end up applying lip balm several times but all in vain.  Even the best of brands can’t offer any lasting solution.

Chapped lips won’t heal so easily- try the humidifier!

Dry lips treatment can be a bit tiresome too! The feeling of having dry skin can be irritating and it’s not always about the elements that tug your skin. According to the scientific research over the past few years, it’s found that the ingredients of lip balm are responsible for causing tons of skin issues, among which the chapped lips symptoms are most common.  Your GP often prescribes the humidifier instead to increase the humidity levels to combat skin issues.

Turns out, many ingredients of lip balms can actually trigger skin dryness in lips. These constituents are not apt for any dry lips treatment.

  1. Vitamin E: Learning that Vitamin E oil is thick and sticky, you have perhaps figured out that it would be a wonderful hydrator for your skin. Well, it can be a culprit too. Vitamin E is certainly an awesome skin hydrator but those who are allergic to it can develop serious condition of contact dermatitis. Natural Vitamin-E comes in the form of tocopherol or tocopheryl acetate, both of which are known for causing chapped lips symptoms.
  2. Beeswax: Natural beeswax is not harmful, but when it’s used in your lip balm, the effect is not at all soothing. In the lip balm, natural beeswax is mixed with propolis, a kind of glue, which is produced by the bees from plant resin to fill the hives.  According to the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences,  propolis is one of the  most common contact  sensitizers  that can possibly cause skin irritations  with chelitis  and  peeling
  3. Lanolin: Lanolin, the wax like substance that’s  extracted from the oil glands of sheep is  highly beneficial  for those with  dry  skin,   but people, who  are likely to suffer from  contact  dermatitis  can get  affected with  Moreover, lips have lesser oil glands, which also make lanolin a little more reactive. Chapped lips won’t heal with lanolin.
  4. Artificial flavors: The commercially available lip balms are artificially flavored, which is a key reason of lip allergies. But, these are often used in the packaging to cover the pungent smell of the other chemicals. But, people with contact dermatitis can get infected with it. Derived from both plant and animal sources, artificial flavors and fragrances are highly allergenic to those who have a previous history of contact dermatitis. Most of these artificial flavors are made of, citronellol, geraniol and cinnamaldehyde, each of which are likely to affect you with chapped lips symptoms. So, when any product is sold as 100% natural, keep in mind that even the herbal products come with its own set of risks.

What to do if you need urgent dry lips treatment?

Though chapped lips symptoms are mostly common, you must figure out if that’s caused by any kind of reactive elements. Have a prior talk with your doctor, before you invest in some expensive lip balm or medicated solution that helps resolve the worrying condition. Contact dermatitis is growing extensively common these days and one might get it anytime, without any prior notice. So, don’t waste time anymore. Rush to your doctor to find what the most fitting solution is for your lips.