Caring For Contact Lenses to Prevent Eye Infections

Talking to the famous ophthalmologists of the town, what we’ve discovered is really shocking. They said, most of the eye allergies that the people wearing contact lens have to gone through is basically triggered by their bad habits. Taking a shower or going to the bed with the contact lens in is not only detrimental to the eye’s health, but can also cause permanent injury to your eyes. Hence, a proper care of contact lenses should be taken, so that your eyes can stay healthy and hydrated always.

Take a look at five such mistakes that you are probably making every day and learn what you should do instead.

Sleeping With your Contact Lens

Most of the contact lens infection is triggered by this habit. Your eyes need continuous oxygen flow to fight off the germs.  If your eyes are covered with your lenses when you are sleeping, the oxygen flow is actually restricted, which dehydrates the eyes and create favourable environment for the germs to thrive.

Handling the lenses Without Washing Your Hands

This is the first thing that you should consider while taking proper care of contact lenses. If you don’t clean your hands before handling your lenses, oil, dirt and infection-causing bacteria from your hands might get transferred to your lenses.

You Don’t Rub Your Lenses for Cleaning

Contact lens are prone to accumulate germs and protein build up on their surface. Hence, it’s important to rub them with a high quality solution on your clean palm. It will remove the dirt, grime and protein build up on your lens.

You Don’t Change the Contact Lens Solution Daily

Keeping your lenses in the same solution daily is like doing laundry in a dirty water.  According to the leading ophthalmologists, it’s important to use fresh saline solution (and not water) everyday to keep your lens. Rinse it thoroughly and store it upside down in the lens container until you are ready to use it again. You must perform this task everyday to take proper care of your contact lens.

Taking a Shower or Swim With Your Contacts In

The habit can give your eyes a permanent injury. A potentially blinding infection causing amoeba, (Acanthamoeba) can affect your contact lens when you are swimming with it. Moreover, bacteria and parasites might get deposited inside the lens. Invest in prescription goggles rather, if you want to swim with your lenses in.

And finally, give your eyes a periodic break and wear your glasses, as it will help your eyes to breathe properly. Contact lenses are safe and effective method of vision correction, but you must take proper care of contact lenses to avoid eye infections and swelling that might lead to long term damage.