Blame Your Cell Phone Addiction If You Are Insomniac

It’s been more than a decade, since mobile screen has now become the main screen of your life. You are unrealistically glued to it round the clock and over the time your phone has become the “love of your life”. Isn’t it so indispensable nowadays? It definitely is and you can’t just afford to miss out the least of information that comes via this device. Right? But, have you ever considered about its effects? Research claims that in the recent times, cell phone addiction is one of the key reason behind insomnia or chronic sleeplessness. Among the major symptoms of cell phone addiction, this is considered chronic due to its far-reaching effects.

Survey data suggests that most of the cell phone users are night owls. For many of them, those few hours before bed can feel like a scarce resource, and limiting the use of technology is even more frustrating.

The Problem with Blue Screen Light

According to the sleep experts, “Blue lights specify that it’s not the right time to sleep”. That way, it keeps your brain alert and in the process affect your eyes. About 30,000 cells inside your eye get strained when you stare at your mobile phone by keeping the room lights off. “Blue runs in about the 460 nanometer range, in terms of the spectrum of light. That particular spectrum of light hits these cells and makes them send a signal to an area of the brain known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus and tells it to turn off melatonin production, which is essential to start the sleep process”, claim the leading clinical psychologists and sleep therapists.

Our circadian rhythms is instrumental behind the proper functioning of our internal clocks. The rhythms are perfectly aligned with daylight, but the thing is different for blue light. Blue light is mostly artificial and make your brain active in a different manner and get into your sleep patterns.

Overexposure to cell phone can also affect your eyes. Among the major dangers of cell phone use, mention must be made of macular degeneration (which is essentially age-related, but can be triggered by the blue rays of Smartphone) and the rising incidence of cataract and glaucoma. Also, strained eyes are unable to rest as they get extremely dried while staring at their phones.

Most of the symptoms of cell phone addiction (including insomnia) is human-induced. But, the problem of insomnia or difficulty falling asleep varies widely from one person to the other, however its direct association with excessive cell phone usage cannot be ignored.

So, if you are insomniac and worried about your lack of sleep, it’s time to limit the use of smartphone. Don’t let the blue light of the screen stimulate your brain in the wrong way. Experts consider it’s one of the major symptoms of cell phone addiction.