Would You Try Any Of These Bizarre Facials For Amaze Skin?

The saying might go “Beauty lies skin deep” but history for one has witnessed women doing crazy things in an effort to look lovely. From almost killing themselves by scraping hair off limbs with poisonous arsenic and quicklime to bloodletting to get that pale, dewy look. Ingesting tapeworm eggs was a hot favourite too. Grown tapeworms would consume the food in your digestive tract and then live to grow up to 20 feet long and gambol inside your innards. The beauty craze hasn’t let up in modern times either with the most bizarre beauty fads coming into vogue. Fancy a sperm cocktail with some cheese? How about a juicy placenta to sink your teeth into? The cray in us never really goes and it has graduated to some truly hurl-worthy facials. Take a look at some of these barmy facials. Maybe you’d like to experience one by the end of this article!

Sheep Placenta Facial

Like most other loony beauty trends originating in Beverly Hills comes the sheep embryonic sack serum smeared on to the face to look younger. That’s right. The juicy sheep placenta is believed to reverse signs of aging and is a rich bio stimulant replete with nutrients. It’s got good stem cell concentrate which reverses aging but dermatologists aren’t sure about whether this really works. Regardless, Victoria Beckham and Simon Powell have joined the afterbirth facial club.

Kitty Litter Facial

And from a sea of YouTubers surfaced Michelle Phan advocating a face mask made of unscented kitty litter. Thank God for unscented. She extolls the goodness of this kitty poo pack saying it moisturizes and cleanses the skin. Cosmopolitan questioned Rebecca O’Sullivan, an esthetician at Chicago’s Sine Qua Non Salon on the effectiveness of this kitty litter mask, “I would not put kitty litter on my face. Some brands of kitty litter contain aluminum silicate, the same ingredient used in glass making as well as housing insulation. Plus, it’s a known neurotoxin for humans.” (1) So I guess that option’s out.

Snail Mask Facial

Skin looking dull and lifeless? Slather on some snail mucus. It’s said to be rich in glycolic acid and other proteins; softening skin and boosting cell regeneration. It soothes inflamed skin, augments collagen production and exfoliates skin. There’s no need to stalk snails collecting their trails of mucus as companies have done the job for you in the form of several mucus-ey face masks.

Donkey Milk Facial

We’ve seen enough of milk soap commercials of women dousing themselves with milk for radiance and supple skin. Here’s a milk facial with a difference, the donkey milk facial. South Koreans took a leaf out of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s beauty tips book, to create a slew of products enriched with donkey milk. It is said that the queen preferred bathing in donkey’s milk and honey, sometimes requiring 700 hundred donkeys for the amount of milk needed. (2) It is an excellent moisturizer, full of lactose, casein and vitamins A, B1.B2.B6, D and E.

Chinese Fire Facial

For that incandescent glow on your face, put it on fire. No, literally. The process entails putting an alcohol soaked towel on whichever part of your body needs rejuvenation and lighting it on fire. We can understand that this would be a rather stressful situation when you’re aiming for fresher skin but the flaming cloth is extinguished by another cloth in a matter of seconds. A practice from the ancient land of China, it is used to cure common cold, combat dull skin and even cause weight loss.

Bird Poop Facial

Inspired by the porcelain, pale and unblemished skin of Geishas comes the bird poop facial. Geishas used poisonous lead and zinc on their face to make it pale (also killing themselves gradually), but then used nightingale droppings to cleanse their face of makeup and return the pearly glow to their faces. Containing natural enzymes and guanine, nightingale poop heals skin. Though powdered poop is now sanitized under UV rays and mixed with delicate Japanese rice bran to neutralize the smell.

Spermine Facial

Now that sperm cocktails are an actual thing, make way for the sperm facial which has high antioxidant properties. Your boyfriend can be useful here, as spermine one of the components in sperm clears up zits and has anti-ageing wondrous properties. However, it’s not just plain spunk that will do the trick, spermine is synthesized (not those squiggly swimmers) and used in a facial. Try one to get smooth and supple skin, if you can get over the idea of gunk on your face.


Curry Facial

Those delicious curries aren’t just good for your tummy. Turns out that the chillies in spicy curries have capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) which promote collagen regrowth. However, avoid dunking your face in Rogan Josh at the next family dinner and save yourself some awkward explaining and chaos.

Vampire Facelift

As much as we’d like a hot glittering vampire wooing us, they are hard to come by. In spite of the name there aren’t really many mythical creatures involved. Your blood is drawn out and then injected back into your face. The plasma in our blood is so amaze, it boosts the body’s collagen and elastin production and slays gauntness for fresh plumpness. The face-lift was part of the goody bag given to Oscar runner ups. Every day we stray further away from God…

Image Source: Tumblr

Caviar Facial.

The decadent luxurious caviar isn’t just wondrous for your palette, it’s indulging for your skin as well. These pearly fish eggs are rich in amino acids and are wondrous for collagen stimulation as well as firming and moisturizing. The exotic delicacy leaves your skin glowing and radiant but comes with a hefty price tag.

Any of these facials caught your eye yet? We’ll just stick to the old Multani Mitti pack.

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