Banish Bad Breath With These Surprising Home Remedies

If something is more humiliating that the remains of salad and spinach on your white teeth, it’s bad breath. There’s nothing more embarrassing than the tag “her mouth smells bad” by your peers. Though, bad breath is not always a condition that needs medical emergency, keep in mind that the foul smell of your mouth is a warning sign of poor oral hygiene. Sometimes, dental cavities and gum disease are also the underlying cause of smelly mouth.  However, the good news is, you can always fight away bad breath with effective home remedies. Take a look here to explore three surprising remedies that eliminate the stinking odour from your mouth within a short period of time.

Hydrate Yourself As Much As Possible

If you can’t get a good breath, even after following a proper oral care regime, it’s a clear sign of dehydrated body. When your mouth does not have enough moisture to produce saliva, odour causing bacteria tend to thrive in your oral cavity. Sometimes, it’s the side effect of certain medications, but dehydration often leads to bad breath even in the healthy people. So hydrate yourself as much as possible to get rid of the foul smell of your mouth. For a change of taste, mix orange and strawberry juice with distilled water and drink it.

Try Lemon Juice Candies

As mentioned earlier, our mouth smells bad only when germs and bacteria thrive in the oral cavity. Killing those germs can help you fight against it. But, sometimes, your mouth stinks even after brushing and cleaning. In such scenarios, lemon juice candies are the best possible means to deal with it. It optimally hydrates your dry mouth and kill the bacteria. All you need for this is a proportional blend of lemon juice and water. Add a pinch of cinnamon with it for an awesome taste. Store this mixture in the ice cubes and refrigerate. Eat these candies whenever you like and within a month, your condition will be improved. The cinnamon mixed in the candies come with a component called cinnamic aldehyde, which is highly effective in fighting away bad breath from your mouth.

Resort to Nature Made Toothbrush

If your mouth stinks even after brushing, take help from nature’s own toothbrush.  Though a pretty new concept, it’s one of the most effective mouth odour remedies known today. Whenever you need a quick “brush up”, try using any one of these foods, such as celery, raw carrots, cinnamon sticks or berries, and rub the fruit on your teeth like you do with your toothbrush. It will destroy much of the infectious bacteria from inside and give your mouth a fresh feeling.

The Last Minute Tip:

It’s mandatory to follow a proper dental care regime, along with these remedies to get rid of bad breath. So, stay tuned in this space and next time when your mouth smells bad, start using these tips to deal with it.