A Balanced pH is the Key to a Healthy Body: Find out Why

Today when we have a pharmaceutical pill for every ill, the concept of natural healing has already taken a back seat. The busy schedules and the abrupt lifestyles are claiming a toll on our lives. Slaved by vague existence, we are constantly forgetting the true mantra of a fit, fine and healthy body. And fanatically falling for the “drugs” for every bugs.

This’s where the “pH imbalance” starts – the bug, causing serious illness in the healthy individuals. On the World Blood Donation Day, let’s take a look at the interesting facts about pH concentration in our blood.

Understanding pH Balance

The term pH refers to the “power of hydrogen”. It’s the standard of measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in our body. Usually, the pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered as the neutral. You are acidic, if your pH balance is less than 7, while greater than 7 is considered basic or alkaline. However, the ideal concentration of pH in the human body is 7.30 to 7.45, which makes the pH index slightly alkaline.

How pH Balance Maintains a Healthy Body

The acidic and the alkaline concentration in the human body to a great extent determines its strength and fitness. The pH imbalance, on the other hand triggers degenerative conditions, which can turn out fatal if not treated in time. Balanced pH keeps diseases at bay and helps maintaining your health.
Here’s how it works within us:

Right pH is important for digestion

 According to the leading clinicians, most of the digestive disorders are the outcome of an imbalanced pH. The increased acid concentration in the human body triggers problems like indigestion, bloating, nausea, acid and gastric reflux, which further leads to heartburn and other severities. The absence of alkaline minerals in the food exhausts the pancreas. Which when continues for an extended period of time, ultimately leads to spiral entropy causing inflamed organ syndromes.

Balanced pH Absorbs Healthy Fat

Not all fats are unhealthy. There are also good fats, which are essential for our cardiovascular health. Balanced pH helps in the absorption of healthy fats, which heals the arteriosclerosis (the inflammation of the arteries). Excess of acidity in our metabolic system, thicken the arteries by building up fatty plaques around the arterial lines. This often leads to life-threatening arteriosclerosis. Balanced pH, keeps our heart happy by promoting adequate blood circulation and thus prevents heart attack.

Healthy pH Improves Immunity

Excess acid breeds anaerobic pathogens. On the other hand, high levels of hydrogen rich body fluid make bad bacteria inactive. The ratio of cellular pH actually determines the concentration of bad bacteria in the human body. By maintaining a healthy pH, you can combat illness naturally with your improved immunity. While the pharmaceutical drugs and the invasive approaches offer symptomatic cures, they often fail to heal the underlying illnesses. On the other hand, balanced pH heals you from inside by improving our immunity.

Healthy pH Heals Respiratory Disorders

Excess of acidity hinders the process of oxygen transmission in the cells. As a result, cells cannot breathe. Suffocated cells cannot clear acidic carbon dioxide, which triggers mucus build up in the lungs. Balanced pH detoxifies cells and promotes healthy cell respiration, which prevents diseases like colds, bronchitis, asthma, and others.

Proper pH balance Prevents Bone Degeneration

Both the Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis are the outcome of pH imbalance in the body. Acidic concentration (in the wrists and joints) not only triggers joint inflammation, but also causes stiffness, pain and swelling and in many cases permanent disability. Excess of acid in the synovial and bursa fluids destroys cartilage and the builds up uric acid. Maintaining a healthy pH reverses the degenerative process of the bones by developing its alkaline mineral contents.

Right pH Vitalizes Nerves

Acidity rips of energy from the nerves and thus devitalizes the human body. The condition is often called “enervation” which causes excessive fatigue, stress and hinders the proper working of our mind and body.

Balanced pH Prevents Skin Eruptions and Associated Problems

Healthy pH improves integumentary system and reduces skin inflammation. Also, it helps our skin to fight against infection causing bacteria. A healthy skin is much less prone to cause dermatological eruptions, sores and lesions.

Balanced pH Keeps Excretory System Healthy

Healthy pH detoxifies kidneys by filtering out fluids and purifying the blood. With an excess of acid concentration, the excretory system of the human body works in a reverse manner, causing build-up of kidney stones.

Balanced pH Improves Muscular Strength

Acid concentration disrupts the metabolic breakdown of glucose and oxygen into energy. It hinders the proper working of the muscle, which often leads to muscle atrophy. On the other hand, alkaline minerals promote aerobic metabolism and produces energy required for strenuous exercise.

Hence, a balanced pH is essential for our healthy living. It takes care of the entire system and promotes blood circulation, improved digestion, etc. Also, it prevents several degenerative diseases and increases our longevity.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s pledge to maintain a healthy pH that inspires natural healing and healthy living every day.