Amir Khan showed the growth of Telemedicine in India

Talking about Amir Khan movies and Telemedicine , we all remember one of the three most popular scenes in Amir Khan’s block buster Bollywood movie 3 Idiots, when Viru aka Virus sentences  ‘Rancho’ Shamaldas Chanchad (Amir Khan) and Madhavan (Farhan Qureshi) to expulsion, but they earn an exculpation when Viru’s pregnant elder daughter Mona goes into labour at the same time. As the story unfolds on the screen, we find that a torrential rain and storm cuts power and Pia coaches Rancho to deliver the baby in the institution’s common room via Voice-Over IP, as Rancho reinstates power using car batteries and a power inverter invent by himself. After the baby is found seemingly stillborn, Rancho revivifies the baby, wherefore Virus permits them to take and pass their final exam.

Although this is completely a make-believe story, something which can only happen on the silver screen. Yet it’s not a utopian dream anymore. With the stellar growth in HIT (Health Information Technology) and Telemedicine across the globe, primary and emergency health care facility is just a finger stroke away. Today health information exchange can be made between a continuum of health care providers like hospitals and medical care units based on the demographic location of the seeker who use these smart phone healthcare apps.

HealthCare Apps can not only make a “One Click Call” to your nearby Hospitals, it can also call an Ambulance, ensure 24X7 doctor’s availability, appoint a home doctor’s visit, keep note on emergency medical alerts and many more.

HIT and Telemedicine has given the physicians a way to monitor chronic conditions of their patients in a way that we could have never thought of before.

In today’s world where social media like Facebook, Twitter and digital handheld devices rule the world, catchall is the latest mobility trends of the day.

Cinema can cross the barriers of time through its lens. Enthral and mesmerize the spectators and take them into an alternate reality which transcends all bounds of habitual conceptions in technology and time. So the vision of telemedicine which Amir Khan, who crossed his 50th birthday last year, has dreamt of in his movie 3 Idiots, way back in 2009, is no longer a reverie and can be indeed conceptualized in its diverse forms in today’s world.

Although Virtual Surgery is still a frontier that has not been traversed too frequently by the stalwarts in medical science. Nevertheless, telemedicine, digital medical assistance and medical consultation is the in-thing that has undeniably made telehealth applications more granular and an acceptable part of our emerging digital healthcare industry, in all major metropolitan cities in India these days.

May be in the ensuing couple of years’, Amir Khan upcoming movies will show us some more of next gen technologies what shall be again ahead of our times