Albinism Is A Genetically Inherited Condition

What is Albinism and Albinism Symptoms?

Albinism is a disorder that is congenial which results in partial or complete absence of pigmentation in hair, skin and eyes. The major albinism symptoms that people are affected with are that they have white hair and skin and also in some cases develop reddish eyes. Albinism can even at times lead to vision loss and enhanced sun-sensitivity which results into psychological issues leading from embarrassment.

How can we treat Albinism?

To tell the hard truth, there is no real cure for albinism even if you know the albinism symptoms. While there are several treatments that aim to ease the symptoms of this disease, the treatment for this symptom depends on the extent of this disorder. Treatment for the eyes in case of albinism consists of visual rehabilitation.

It is necessary that people suffering from albinism, must use sunscreen when they expose themselves to sunlight to prevent premature skin aging or skin cancer. Some people suffering from this condition also use UV-proof clothing and wear UV-proof swimsuits which are also a good alternative against excessive use of sunscreen perennially

For visual rehabilitation ophthalmologists or optometrists often recommends various optical aids for people suffering from albinism. Bifocal glasses are also prescribed to older children suffering from this condition.

For albino patients who are also suffering from nystagmus, eye muscle surgery is at times done for reducing their eye movement. But it has been noticed that in spite of eye muscle surgery, vision may not improve in all cases owing to associated eye abnormalities.

For albino patients suffering from photophobia, eye doctors often prescribe dark glasses which can shield their eyes from bright light.

In case of albino patients who are suffering from strabismus, eye doctors prefer to treat those infants within the age of six months, before their eyes become fully developed. These patients are often recommended to patch one of their eyes to promote the use of the other one.

It has been often noted that people suffering from albinism quite frequently face problems while getting married. They also find difficulty in getting jobs or finding themselves getting accepted in social functions. Therefore, people suffering from this condition often tend to feel depressed and out of place in the society.


It has been noted that people suffering from albinism is on a rise in India. Statistically speaking 1 in 17000 people globally is born with albinism and India presently has around 1 Lac citizens who are suffering from this condition and the count is on a rise.

As there is no cure for this genetic disorder, the only way to stop this condition is to identify the carriers and make sure that they do not get married with other carriers, so that the disorder is not passed on to the generation next.