Advantages of Health and Wellness Tourism Facilitators

Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing industry, which is encountering an increasing number of patients seeking specialized and affordable treatments outside their homeland. According to global research studies Asia is one of the most popular destinations in the world, for medical tourism facilitators, where people comes for high quality health care. It has been observed that 90% of medical tourism in Asia is confined to India, Thailand and Singapore.

This regions, especially India, is also a popular destination for wellness tourism for travelers who are seeking a holiday that also combines meditation, yoga, spa-treatments and other health and wellness related pursuits. Per say, wellness tourism, according to a study by the Global Wellness Summit, is presently showing a 9.1% annual growth through 2017, which is astonishingly 50% higher than the overall tourism growth all across the world.

Talking about medical tourism, according to a report by RNCOS (a market research firm, based in Noida-India), it has been anticipated that during 2014-2018, medical tourism will show an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 per cent. Hence, health care providers in Asia, especially in India are actively moving towards digitization of their clinical data to ensure enhanced care and patient safety, which in return shall streamline their workflow systems for international patients.

If you have spent any time exploringwellness and medical tourism, you too must have possibly stumbled upon quite a number of authentic and fancy websites that claims to arrange all the details of your medical trip. Typically, all these websites will have a list of doctors and hospitals in several locations across the globe with information about various medical procedures performed and promoted by these foreignmedical establishments. These companies are commonly referred to, “Health care Facilitators” or “Medical Tourism Facilitators” as they function as a liaison or intermediaries between the patients and the health care providers in different countries across the globe.

In this article, we are going to discuss about 4 salient advantages of using health care or medical tourism facilitators for making your medical tourism experience more enjoyable and memorable.

When working with medical facilitators, you get:

  • One Stop Shopping Experience

The convenience of being able to access and choose information about various hospitals, doctors, procedures, services in varied destinations all in one place is indeed a great advantage of working with medical facilitators. Patients can also visit health care tourism facilitator’s website and request for a price estimation for any particular medical procedure from a plethora of hospitals and clinics, and then choose among them which medical unit provides best services within their budgets. In addition, medical tourism facilitators also take care of all the travel logistics of the patients, such as lodging, flight tickets and other transportations that the patient may need in the foreign land.

  • Established Relationship will International Hospitals

At least in theory, it can be assumed that the medical tourism facilitators have already done their homework to make sure that a patient’s chosen doctor or hospital are duly licensed and accredited. In other words, most of the big and well known medical tourism facilitators already have a system in place to make the medical tourism process smooth and safe for their clienteles.

  • Minimize Cultural and Language Barriers

Once you are travelling to a foreign land, contacting hospitals can also be challenging at times due to differences in language, culture and time zone. As it has been discussed even before, medical tourism facilitators already have their tried and true process in place along with their right contacts with the hospital networks, which helps their clients to get their jobs done smoothly without any interruptions. Moreover, medical tourism facilitators also help their clients by assuring them that their clients will be dealing with people who speaks his/her own language, and so help in providing better support to all the linguistic obstacles that the patient may face in a foreign land.

  • Convenient Transfer of All Medical Information

As systems and relationships are already in place, most of the well-established medical tourism facilitators have the ability to transfer patient’s data and medical information (like large image files such as MRI, PET and CT) within minimum possible time.


However, as health is always your own responsibility, every time make sure that you research the medical destination and service providers through proper channel and work with the leaders in the medical tourism industry. Only seek those facilitators those who believes in providing quality health care along with absolute business transparency.