6 Ways On How To Become A Slim Mother-To-Be

They say an expecting mother is almost always a grace of god! She is the harbinger of the new one to the family. Her to-be born baby is the cynosure of all eyes. But is losing weight or working towards how to become slim detrimental for the mother during the gestation? You may or may not be advised by your GP to lose weight during the 9 months, but some mothers may defy all odds and take care of their bodies well enough to deliver a fit baby and stay in shape! Here are some slim tips prescribed by the experts across cultures:

6 ways on how to become slim when pregnant

  1. Never diet while pregnant: While diets are a strict no during these delicate months, most doctors advise that women should eat wholesome healthy meals and cut out the flabby calories from their usual food. How to get slim? The answer may just lie in eating three whole meals a day and cutting out on beverages and sugary foods. Your meals should be high on proteins and fluids with a consistent diet plan close on heels.
  2. Know the times weight loss is normal: Although weight loss is not normal from the third trimester, many women should modulate their diet when they surpass the third month of pregnancy. It is during the first three months that one sees a weight reduction but this can be controlled and screened depending on the mother.
  3. Consult your dietitian before going on a food plan: Have a special diet that is devoid of empty calories. These empty calories include fried foods and dairy products, cheeses and whole milk with fatty chunks of meat. A nutrition plan is very good to start off with as that enables you to chart your dietary exploits every day.
  4. Take healthy prenatal vitamins: How do you get a slim body, you ask? Start off with taking in a regular dose of prenatal vitamins. These are very good and do not allow your body to ingest too many calories than necessary. Folic Acid and iron along with calcium and omega 3 fatty acids are the key to a replenished body during pregnancy.
  5. Eat frequently and slowly: Chewing well and taking time to get over a mouthful is always a great way to end up binging while you are pregnant. This timely eating procedure is often good for the body. It helps you digest well and stay fit.
  6. Exercise and opt for prenatal aerobics: How to get a slim body without exercising? You may be flawed in your assumption, really! Exercise and controlled aerobics for 30 minutes to 2 hours is must for all expectant mothers (definitely under guidance). This helps improve the blood flow to the fetus and allows the mother to relieve all pregnancy aches and improves sleep. It also helps the mother stay in shape and lowers risk of birth complications.

Is there a fool proof method on how to be slim during pregnancy?

The answer is a simple No. There is no specific pregnancy weight code that can be cracked by all. As a mother, you need to find your groove and stay healthy. Your will matters and so does your diet plan. You desire to be fit and active helps determine how you can stay slim. So stay healthy and stay wise!