5 ways Bromelain in pineapples helps in healing cancer naturally

While cancer is so widespread and the scientists are making relentless efforts to find an effective cure of it, the naturopaths in response claim that Pineapple contains an enzyme that helps in healing cancer naturally. This can be a miracle potion for treating cancer (for which you can consult an Oncologist) and protects the non-cancerous cell of the body, preventing the cancerous cells from multiplying. Nothing can bring up the images of summer breezes and relaxing moments than a glassful of sweet pineapple juice. A true wonder of the tropics!

Bromelain- The Magic Remedy healing cancer naturally

According to the naturopaths, pineapple contains “Bromelain”, the enzyme which is claimed to have the same effect as chemotherapy. This enzyme does not ravage your body like chemotherapy and is effective in decreasing inflammation and swellings. Over the past four decades, Chemotherapy touted as the most effective form of treatment of cancer. Despite the fact that chemo acts upon your body and in the process of destroying the cancerous cell, chemo also causes major damage to the healthy cells too. It weakens the immune system and finally end up taking a toll on your life.

  1. The naturopaths have advised to have pineapple every day, because the enzyme Bromelain is highly effective in preventing the disease also. It also builds up your immunity and thus helps your body to have a strong resistance against the disease like cancer and other dangerous ailments.
  2. The cure is often worse than the disease, pushing scientists to search for natural cancer-fighting solutions. This is where Bromelain comes in with its healing cancer naturally property. You can also count on its medicinal properties to combat sore throats, arthritis and gout. Bromelain also helps in speeding up digestion of proteins.
  3. Bromelain offers great succor for patients with vision difficulty. Eating the pineapple can actually help protect the eyesight and lowers the risk of contracting macular degeneration. This fruit intake can actually help in countering the development of a severe form of the disease.
  4. Pineapple also helps in protecting the immune system and provides the body with a water soluble antioxidant – Vitamin C. This fruit also helps in reducing the pressure on the heart so that you don’t have to visit the cardiologist anytime soon!
  5. The Bromelain contained in the pineapple, cleans the free radicals that are contained in the aging process and damages normal cells and clogs up arteries. The enzyme also averts spasms and asthma attacks, and helps offset the growth of colon cancer.

 Alternative Naturotherapy that helps healing cancer naturally

Alternatively with natural therapy, the case is a little different. Doctors have done research on Bromelain that revealed it works on “specific toxic areas”, i.e. killing (sometimes reducing or shrinking) the cancer cells while developing a protective layer around the healthy cells. When you consume pineapple, Bromelain digests the proteins and starts working. However, the juice itself contains pretty little Bromelain. So, for a proper cancer-fighting power, original Bromelain extract is required.

According to the scientists, enzymes should reach into the bloodstream before starting work on the cancer cells. In fact, several researches are also being conducted to create enteric coatings around the enzymes, so that the stomach acid cannot affect the enzyme and the full benefit can be achieved.

Considering all these factors, pineapple is considered as one of important cancer preventing foods by the naturopaths. Raw and organic pineapple aids in better digestion and develops immunity. This way, they help in building your body’s natural immunity and prevent the growth of cancerous tissue!