5 health issues that need old age care in seniors

The golden years are not going to last and as you age; your very own body will start giving signals. You might have occasional colds, skin disorders, and vision problems and if things turn out worst, you might have serious ailments like heart attacks, strokes and others without any prior notice. So, the best way to avert the risk is to stay watchful. You may need old age care and it makes sense to actually be aware of 5 health worries that plague seniors in our country.

5 ailments that typically need old age care

Osteoporosis: Among the most annoying health issues, osteoporosis or degenerative arthritis is considered the worst. As you grow older, the human body tends to absorb the old bone tissue faster; on the other hand, the process of new bone creation is delayed. As a result, your bones grow thinner and weaker, thus leading to a generative condition called osteoporosis. Bones get fragile at this phase and it might fracture any time. Though the process starts inside the body much earlier than you recognize it, the condition itself does not carry any symptoms. So get a bone density test or DEXA once if every year. Getting diagnosed earlier can help you get rid of it.

Maculor Degeneration ad Glaucoma: Vision deteriorates as you grow older and the problem is a serious threat to the sight. Macular degeneration starts much earlier. With macular degeneration, central vision gets blurry, and the patients have trouble in reading or recognizing faces. People over 75 have the highest risk of developing this disease. Old age problems such as this might also attack those above 75 years. Glaucoma can gradually affect the optic nerve connecting retina to the brain. Thus, your vision might get completely vanished if not treated in time.

Loss of Hearing Capability: Deafness or impaired hearing is one of the principal senior health problems. Elders are mostly affected by presbycusis, according to which their ability to hear high-pitched sounds gradually decreases. Noise-induced hearing loss is the second most senior health issues, according to the research. Loud sound can completely impair your hearing capability and hence it’s important to get your auditory capability checked after 50 years of age. Get tests regularly and opt for old age care as prescribed by the doctor and use a hearing aid if needed.

Alzheimer’s disease: Alzheimer’s disease directly affect your brain, thus prevents you from performing even the basic tasks. Alzheimer’s patient tends to forget everything (even the family members) at times. Being irreversible, there’s not much medicine to treat it. People affected with Alzheimer’s usually expect memory lapses at first. So, if you are also facing the same, contact your doctor immediately. Diagnosing the symptoms earlier can help you fight against the disease without getting involved in too much hassle.

Urinary Incontinence: The discussion about senior health issues will remain incomplete, if we miss out the topic of urinary incontinence. As you age, pelvic muscles lose strength and can’t control the pressure on the bladder. Men with distended prostate glands can have this problem.

A foot note on old age health problems

Getting older comes with several health hazards. Take a look at the senior health issues mentioned here so it’s always advisable to start early in life and treat ailments with responsibility and not neglect. You should be aware about health and well being and keep your diet and lifestyle in check.