5 Foods to Increase Sperm Count in Men

It is a proven fact that sperms often decrease in quality when there is stress. Phthalates often lower the sperm quality in men.  Phthalates molecules are found certain foods, plastic used to wrap food and some drinks such as aerated sodas. These may decrease the sperm count in a man. In order to fight stress and phthalates, you need to take in food to increase sperm count. These Indian veggies and foods often increase the levels of fertility and boost sexual health.

Eating the right Indian food to increase sperm count and motility has its share of successes and failures. By and large, most doctors stress on having these foods, listed below for an engaging sex life and better performance when trying to conceive.

5 foods to increase sperm count in men

  1. A good mix of red pepper and carrots in oats: Indian food especially that in the South of the country has some of the most amazing of oat dishes that are served up in breakfasts, lunches and snacks. These foods, apart from dark green leafy veggies and sweet potatoes can actually help fortify the body with Vitamin A. This mineral in turn will be able to build on your sperm cells and help you in conceiving after a successful ejaculation.
  2. Asparagus soup along with eggs and seafood, oyster and pumpkin: Soups are a staple in any Indian diet. A good amount of lentil and legume soup can be prepped up with asparagus and consumed in all its piping hot flavorful taste. Asparagus has good quantities of zinc that aids in the buildup of sperm and high testosterone levels.
  3. Good mix of lean meat curry: A lot of Goan and Konkani cuisine is replete with lean meat curry. Lean meat such as that of turkey and chicken is full of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the sperm swim faster and has an effect on overall sexual performance and health.
  4. Salmon and fish dishes of the Western coast: A lot of the western coastal heartland in India serves up fish dishes that are culinary delicacies and have adequate amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and DHA. Good amount of shrimps in curry, crab meat and flax can be good for men with low testosterone levels and libido. You can have the best shrimp and lobster food to increase sperm count in men.  
  5. Avocados and whole grains: A lot of Northern food palates in India stresses on the importance of whole grain foods. Some salads are also made with avocado. Both of these items have a fair share of folic acid as low levels of folates can lead to sperms with chromosomal abnormalities. If you want to increase the sperm count and production, you should eat a lot of avocado in whole grain rice and bread.

Why choose Indian food to increase sperm count?

Indian food has been known across the world as a “not-so-fertility-friendly” food with fats and saturated trans-fats and fried foods. But the truth is for everyone to see! Try out these foods listed above and the exotic dishes from diverse parts of the country to increase the levels of sperms in the body and ensure healthy sperm mobility during sexual activity.