5 Easy Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

The teenage years for every child are golden replete with amazing experiences. But some young adults often find themselves putting on weight easily and developing health conditions that indicate obesity. Obesity is a medical condition that is mostly detected in individuals that have poor diet and lack of exercise who do not follow weight loss tips. If a teenager falls prey to gaining weight, he or she may be in for a lifelong problem! The causes of teenage obesity is quite complex and can be attributed to biological, genetic and behavioral factors. Some may also exhibit Endocrinol problems and develop a predisposition to gaining weight,as suggested by endocrinologists.

Here are certain easy weight loss tips for teenagers across societies and cultures:

  1. Stress on healthy eating: A teenager already has difficult weight changes in puberty. He or she also has several peers who stress on a certain definition of beauty and wellness incongruous with expectations. Peer pressure often makes obesity and weight loss a taboo. It is therefore advisable that teenagers follow a healthy and wholesome diet that is rich in fibers and proteins, milk and vitamins. Instead of snacking and eating heavy meals, teenagers should follow a simple diet plan that focuses on frequent eating and manageable weight loss.
  2. Do not fall prey to social definitions of beauty: With the lifestyle of individuals changing rapidly, there is a constant flux in the way one leads his or her life. A teenager is the most impressionable of adults and they may be led by magazines filled with a different notion of well being and beauty. With constant bombardment of “ideal” body shape and look, many young adults find it psychologically distressing to fit the social mold. Do not succumb to popular weight loss tips advertised in magazines and television flicks, try a more measured and informed path of losing weight constructively.
  3. Stay away from extreme diets: It is always advisable that teenagers don’t crash diet. These extreme diets may lead to a breakdown of the body’s ideal metabolic routine and create difficulties that may lead to hair loss, bad skin, irregular periods and infertility. What may be suitable for a model on television may not be healthy for you. Try out a healthy plan that stresses on achievable targets. Most of us are different from each other, so our body needs too, differ.
  4. Exercise and walk regularly: One of the most easy weight loss tip suggested by nutritionists is regular walking and less taxing aerobic workouts. These help in losing weight easily. Controlled workouts are always a healthy and foolproof way of losing weight. This acts better than diets.
  5. Drink regular fluids and lots of water: Teenagers have a social predisposition to eat a lot of junk food and sugary beverages. You need to cut down on these and choose natural drinks and beverages. Green tea, real fruit juices and natural lime are good for health. These improve the condition of your hair and skin and boosts metabolism. Regular hydration by drinking water also averts dental problems later in life.

What is the most easy weight loss tip for a teenager?

For most of us, eating out is a regular phenomenon. With the pressures and pulls of fast food, junk and fried items sold at roadside joints and eateries, most teenagers are victims of overeating oily and over the counter foods. It is very natural to be allured by these arrangements. But if you have a weight problem, the easiest way to cut calories is to give up entirely on eating fast food made outside. If you eat at home and bring in homemade food, you can stand to gain in the long run!