5 Easy Pregnancy Tips for Men in the First Trimester

Popular notion suggests motherhood is an exciting time! But the soon to-be-father also goes through an emotional roller coaster that prepares him for the baby’s arrival. The obstetrician often will advise the mother on the various emotional and physical changes. But the father too has a significant role to play in the development of the baby in the womb. His mental and emotional well being is also a big priority for a healthy birthing process. There are several key pregnancy tips for men underlined below. These can be followed in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy or the first trimester in medical lingo.

As the father, you need keep the communication channels open with your wife and her immediate support systems. Pregnancy is also the time for hormonal changes, physical unease and a lot of waiting for tests. The primary role of the father is to offer partner support and attend appointments.

Here are the handy 5 pregnancy tips for men or the fathers-to-be:

  1. Understand the mother’s moods: Your wife may be in for a super charged mood change and it is necessary that you don’t take the pregnancy mood shifts personally. Her body is in for major hormonal shifts and that can make it very challenging for her and you. You should be compassionate and offer her care and support whenever you can.
  2. Special touch and hugs: As the father, you need to shower your wife with care and concern. You can surprise her with a lot of love notes, cards and flowers. Take responsibility of the housework when your wife in expecting. Walking hand and in hand will always brighten her day and allow the hormones from getting out of control.
  3. Attend the childbirth education classes: As the father, your role is to facilitate the birth of the baby. It is necessary, that you attend the medical classes that prepare you for the childbirth. Your wife should be able to count on you for the proper implementation of neonatal medical advice. Research shows that husbands that take part in the pregnancy can have much easier births.
  4. Talk to the unborn: This may be the healthiest of pregnancy tips for men when you are anticipating childbirth.  After 4 months in the womb, the baby can hear its parents talk and research shows that its organ and brain development, emotional well being is aided by this.
  5. Take care of the food cravings and touch her belly: Your wife may be ravenous after 5 or 6 months of pregnancy at the onset of fetal development. It is imperative that you take care of her health and the important physiological changes that go through her body. Discussion often helps tide over terrible problems and it is often advised by doctors husbands talk and attend to their wife’s cravings at all times.

A healthy pregnancy tip for men

Most men are too stressed out when their wives are pregnant. It is often advised that they share their thoughts with the doctor and care givers in a formal way. Ushering in a newborn is exciting and fraught with many challenges. It takes two to tango! Thus men should be active partners in childbirth and that enables a proper delivery- one that is healthy for both mother and child!