5 Best Times To Eat Fruits

Fruit is a wonder food that is healthy for your body. It is loaded with vitamins, fiber, nutrients and water. But there have been some nutrition related claims circulating that advised health benefits of fruit can also be destroyed if eaten in conjunction with other meals. The basic premise is that high-carbohydrate fruits, promotes to ferment the other digested foods in a “full” stomach, causing indigestion, gas, and other problems. The best time for to eat fruits is first thing in the morning after taking a glass of water. The idea to eat fruits right after a meal is not an appropriate one, as it may cause indigestion and improper absorption. With doctors and medical research vouching for the best health benefits fruits are truly the wonder food.

Mix your diet with dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, and other specific fruits to achieve the best benefits. To know the best times to eat fruit, you need to read on.

  1. Between long meal breaks: You need to have a gap of at least 30 minutes between a major meal and fruit snack, which is ideal. Ideally, one should have fruits an hour before the meal or two hours after having the meal, if they are suffering from diabetes or any other digestive disorder like hyper acidity. This is why, sometimes, diabetes is accompanied by digestive disorder.
  2. Between Major Meals: The right time to eat fruits is in an empty stomach or in between meals because at this time digestion occurs fairly sharp and also various types of enzymes are utilized by the body to digest the fruit. Fruits are composed of simple carbohydrates, which need time to be completely absorbed by the body cell. When fruits are eaten in between meals or on blank stomach, all the nutrients, simple carbohydrates and the fibers are processed well in the body. This ensures that you have benefited optimally from eating the fruit. The
  3. Evenings when you have food cravings is the best time to eat fruits: Though, taking fruit right after a meal is not an ideal idea. The proper time gap should be at least 30 minutes after having the meal. If a person suffers from diabetes or digestive disorder like acidity, they should have fruits 2 hours after a meal or 1 hour before the meal.
  4. Before or After Workout: Another good time to eat fruits is before or after workouts. You can take fruits before or immediately after a workout phase. The sugars of fruits will be utilized by the body for getting urgent energy before a workout and it also helps in refilling the emptied energy levels in the body after a workout.
  5. Mornings are always the best time to eat fruits: Morning is one of the right times to eat dry fruits like walnuts and almonds. Your body needs to initiate fresh and healthy and it promotes you to go through your entire day in peace. These will provide energy and strength to proceed with your routine and at the same time fill your stomach for a short-duration.

 When is it not a right time to eat fruits?

Eating fruits very close to the bedtime is not an effective idea. It causes a surge in the blood glucose and insulin status and makes it hard for the body to fall asleep. So avoid having fruits in the evening time and remember to eat any foods around 3 hours before going to bed time. People who have a difficult time in reducing weight should follow the “no-fruits” method after lunch. This will lead the body into a calorific insufficiency and the body will utilize the fat which is preserved as energy. However, it is not necessary to restrict fruits when you reach a plateau in weight reduction, there could be other dietary factors which restrict weight reduction so consult a dietitian for advice.